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Are You Kidding? A LHD R34 GTR.

2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R in Montreal, QC, Canada Not sure how to continue living knowing that this exists. On the one hand I am mortally offended that someone LHD swapped an R34, and on the other hand realized it could easily be daily driven. Original Post

Enter Initial D

From RevHard in CO This is a 1985 Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex Coupe. That's right, it's time to deliver the tofu! Original Post

So You Want to be A Honda Boy?

Offered for sale by Top Rank in California Famed car vlogger TommyFYeah recently K24 swapped a similar ITR. You could roll like that too is the extra clean Championship white Integra Type R. Original Post

For The Boy Racer With Kids

This Evo IX Wagon is from Cosmo is North Carolina I am not even going to ask how this thing got here or how its going to stay, all I know is if you can get your hands on it, hid it somewhere until 2031. Orignal Post

You Do Not Deserve This JDM Hot Hatch

This GTi-R is from RevHard in Denver I knew this guy from community college circa 2005 that used to rave about the Pulsar GTi-R. I had now clue what he was on about, but now I see his wisdom. I am sure that guy is somewhere living on the beach in Fiji with $100B in...

Ready to Rally?

This Evo IV comes from Yume in DFW How bad do you want to be Tommy Macken right now? Original Post

Go Into Debt For This Celica

This Celica is from JDM Auto Imports in Janesville, WI This 1994 Celica SS-II is a 5-speed and looks so clean. Sure, its not the awd rally spec model, but it looks the part. Orignal Post

Right Hand Drive Diesel Overlanding

This Pajero is from Japanese Classics This Pajero is unique. Unlike the USDM models, this comes with a venerable turbo diesel and manual combo. Great as an off-roader or an overlanding rig. Original Post

Ever Wanted to Cruise Like a Yakuza Boss?

This Nissan Cedric is From Driver Motorsports This Y33 Nissan Cedric comes from an era when American luxobarge makers mainly went FWD, and the JDM offerings were V8 and RWD. Popular with the Japan's underworld, the VIP tuning style was meant to blend in more than...

The CRX You Know You Want

Found this gem of a CRX from Duncan Imports The CRX gets a terrible rap because of that one episode of Pimp My Ride, but drop a K24 and an ol turbski on this bad boy and you will be slaying twin turbo vipers. I can promise that last part but we all know there isnt a...

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